Environmental Due Diligence

Certified Environmental offers free consultations to anybody including property owners, attorneys, developers, and property investors.

(Real Estate Due Diligence)

Certified Environmental has decades of combined experience in underground and above ground tank removals, soil and groundwater remediation, tank testing/certification, and underground tank property scanning.

Tank Sweeps

Certified Environmental will come out to a property and perform a tank sweep consisting of a physical inspection, subsurface geophysical scan to find abandoned or in-use tanks, and present a report of findings.

Even properties that don’t use oil now may have used oil in the past, so an abandoned tank may exist without anybody knowing about it. If we find a tank, we will provide a consultation of your options and include our opinions based on our decades of experience. We can also provide a quote for removing the oil tank.

Don’t buy a property without finding out if an underground tank exists!

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Tank Testing

Certified Environmental will advance borings around your oil tank and screen the soil with a photo-ionization detector to provide immediate knowledge of a tank’s integrity. Soil samples will also be collected from beneath the tank and taken to a NJDEP licensed laboratory to quantify the amount of contamination in the soil. If no contamination is present, the laboratory will document that the soil is “clean”. Certified Environmental will present you with a report of findings based on the field screening and laboratory results.

According to The American Petroleum Institute, underground tanks last about 20 years. Because they are out of sight, they can cause damage without your knowledge. This damage could occur over years of use and may not be noticeable during the course of the normal tank usage.

We Will Beat Any Competitors Written Estimate!

Commercial Due Diligence

If you are purchasing or refinancing a property, especially commercial property, you must perform basic due diligence inspections including a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment to determine any potential environmental liabilities associated with the property. We will review all public records associated with the property back to the time it was initially developed to determine all uses of the property that may be of concern since its initial development.

Know what you are buying, allow us to provide you with a comprehensive Phase I report to assist in your negotiations and allow you to make an informed decision on your purchase.

Our Phase I investigation/report complies with ASTM E1527-13. We perform Phase I investigations in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Phase 1 environmental site assessment
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Child Care Facilities

Certified Environmental’s LSRP will perform a Preliminary Assessment and complete all necessary documentation to satisfy the environmental regulations for those wishing to open a child care facility in New Jersey.

Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA)

Some facilities in New Jersey with certain North American Classification System (NAICS) codes are subject to ISRA. Common ways the ISRA law is triggered occur when a business ceases operations and/or transfers ownership. Certified Environmental can assist in determining the applicability of ISRA to ensure compliance with state laws as well as assist in navigating the ISRA process.

Industrial site recovery act
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