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Why Become an Affiliate with Certified Environmental?

We are proudly a Radon Laboratory in NJ owned and operated by NJ residents.
We operate on principles of honesty and integrity, ensuring that we only do what's necessary to comply with NJDEP regulations.
We've built a reputation in our nearly 20 years of serving the homeowner population, and most of our new business comes from referrals by satisfied clients.
We offer 15% discount on CEU training at Certi.us for our affiliates using the code “C15”.
We offer specials throughout the year, making Certified Environmental very cost effective and another profit center.
We are a resource to keep you compliant with the regulatory agencies.
We offer CRM services

Top-Notch Radon Measurement and Efficient Environmental Solutions

Since 2004, we've been dedicated to addressing residential environmental issues such as radon, mold, and underground oil tanks. We not only identify these issues but also provide cost-effective solutions, ensuring your peace of mind during one of the most important investments you will likely make.

Our aim is to help you expand your income base,  by adding radon measurement, a critical component of the home inspection process. Don’t let your competition pass you by.

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Ensuring Safe and Secure Homes Together

So join us today and be part of the Radon Measurement & Environmental Services' growing affiliate network, and let's ensure homes are safe and secure - together.

Referring Others to Our Affiliate Program

Interested in connecting a new affiliate with our radon testing services? Refer somebody to us, and once they join our program and place an order, you’ll receive five free radon canisters.

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