Environmental services for realtors

Are You Looking To Provide Comprehensive Environmental Services for Your Clients?

As a realtor, providing your clients with comprehensive property assessment services is crucial. At Certified Environmental, we offer a range of specialized services designed for real estate transactions, creating a seamless process for both buyers and sellers.

Our Services

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Underground Oil Tanks

Our services address concerns about Underground Tanks (USTs), a common issue in real estate transactions. We provide solutions that alleviate sellers' fears about removing tanks and buyers' concerns about potential liabilities. Our approach ensures both parties reach a satisfactory agreement.

Above ground oil tank inspection

Above Ground Tanks Inspection

Our certified professionals conduct integrity inspections for Above Ground Tanks (ASTs) in compliance with township regulations. We enable you to assure your clients about the safety and compliance of the properties they're considering.

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Radon Testing

Our radon testing services can be conducted by the homeowner or performed on behalf of the buyer or seller by our certified professionals. We deliver detailed written reports of our findings, offering transparency and peace of mind in real estate transactions.

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Toxic Home Syndrome Evaluation

We provide evaluations for mold and fungus, helping identify potential health risks in properties. Along with identifying these issues, we also offer cost-effective solutions for remediation, making the properties safe and more marketable.

Comprehensive property scan

Comprehensive Property Scans

We provide thorough electrical property scans, inspecting basements for any signs of past or present oil tanks. This service helps uncover potential issues and mitigate them early in the buying process.

Time is Money

A listing with an underground oil tank is hard to sell and a waste of your time -  Call on Certified Environmental today to evaluate or remove that problem and make it easier to sell!

Why choose certified environmental?

Why Choose Certified Environmental Contractors?

We have over 30 years of experience in the environmental services industry.
Our team of experts is highly qualified and certified, ensuring top-quality services for our clients.
We keep you compliant with the regulatory agencies
We use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to provide accurate results and efficient solutions.
Our competitive pricing makes us a cost-effective choice for realtors.
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Let us help you create a smooth and successful transaction process for all parties involved. Call (732) 538-8407 to learn more about our environmental services for realtors.

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