How Does a Radon Mitigation System Work

How does a radon mitigation system work

The first thing is to find out if there is a Radon issue in the house. Once a Radon issue has been confirmed in the home, it needs to be mitigated.

Mitigation of Radon is a very specific process where the Radon gas below the slab of the home is removed to the outside. This is accomplished through a series of venting and air movement from the inside to the outside.

The method by which Radon is removed from the house is to lower the static pressure under a sealed slab. By creating a lower pressure under the slab and higher pressure in the vent, the gases collected under the slab are removed. This is a pretty simple but effective system commonly known as sub-slab depressurization.

An NJDEP Radon Licensed Specialist makes a physical inspection of the residence (according to the code) and a professional determination is made where the most efficient mitigation piping should be placed. Many factors are considered, structure, finished or unfinished basement, sumps, the physical outside of the house, cracks in the slab or walls. Considering that mitigation systems are not very attractive, we try to make the placement as inconspicuous as possible.

A contract is executed then a permit is obtained from the locality. We arrange a date for the installation.

A hole is bored in the basement slab and piping is directed to the outside. An electrical fan is placed in line for the depressurization of the sub-slab. Measurements are collected to ensure the system is working. A gauge remains on the system so it can be monitored in the future. The Radon Specialist will instruct the homeowner to periodically check the in-line gauge. Usually, once installed, a Radon system will last many years.

If you have or think you have an issue with Radon, call Certified and we can provide our expertise and solve your Radon problem at 732-534-4892.

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