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Our business and staff are fully licensed by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection to remove and install oil tanks, perform Radon testing and remediation, and handle mold testing and removal.


About Certified Environmental

Certified Environmental is the state’s premier environmental contractor.

We are a one-stop shop for all environmental services on your property:

Certified Radon Testing Laboratory
Licensed Radon Removal
Oil Tank Removal
Mold Removal
Licensed Site Remediation Professionals

The staff of Certified Environmental is friendly, knowledgeable and always available for questions about your project.

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Fast and Reliable Radon Laboratory

Get the peace of mind you deserve by taking advantage of our accurate, reliable, and timely radon testing services. Count on us to provide you with the information you need to make well-informed decisions for your home or business.

You can rely on our cutting-edge equipment and meticulous testing procedures to deliver the utmost dependable and efficient radon testing services. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Our Services

We solve any environmental issue you may have with your property.

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Oil Tank Removal

Need an underground tank removed and/or replaced? We're here for you.

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Radon Services

We're licensed to perform radon testing, remediation, and are a certified radon lab.

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Mold Services

Mold testing and removal is right up our alley. We're certified to solve even the toughest situations.

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We can provide an LSRP (Licensed Site Remediation Professional) for your next project.

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Do You Have an Underground Oil Tank Removal Job?

We provide underground oil tank sweeps, testing, removal and replacement!

We continue to offer in-house, radon laboratory testing for our full service radon remediation services! If you would like to affiliate with our laboratory or order a radon canister, click on the button below!

Our Underground Oil Tank Removal Services

Tank Testing

We will advance borings around your tank and screen the soil to provide an immediate determination of tank integrity. Soil samples are collected and taken to an NJDEP licensed laboratory.

Electronic Scanning

Are you buying a property but are unsure if there is a buried oil tank? We can electronically scan the property and provide a written report.

Leaky Tanks

Our extensive experience has resulted in the issuance of hundreds of No Further Action letters by the NJDEP to allow property owners to sell their property.

NJDEP Leaky Tank Grant

Certified Environmental will assist in applying for the grant for free to get you money - ask us when you call!

Partner With US

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Home Inspectors

Our aim is to help you expand your income base by adding radon measurement, a critical component of the home inspection process. Don’t let your competition pass you by.

Environmental services for realtors


At Certified Environmental, we offer a range of specialized services designed for real estate transactions, creating a seamless process for both buyers and sellers.

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Wendy marro
Wendy Marro

I highly recommend this company, they were extremely accomodating, reliable, professional, respectful and friendly. I would definitely use them again if their services were needed in the future. Compared to some other companies we've dealt with in the past who offer similar services this company was a breath of fresh air.

Karen lin
Karen Lin

Certified Environment is my only choice. The owner Peter and his son Jeremy and other employees are doing outstanding jobs. They are very professional, friendly, caring and helpful. They price is also unbeatable! I will definitely recommend them to everybody I know.

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